AntiFungal™ 125 grams

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AntiFungal™ 125 grams / Xuất xứ: Na Uy

Thuốc chống nấm - luôn luôn kết hợp với Improver ™!

-Ngăn chặn nấm Candida Albican

-Phục hồi sức khoẻ nhanh hơn giữa các cuộc đua

-Giành lại hệ thực vật tự nhiên sau khi chữa trị bằng kháng sinh

Cách dùng: 1 muỗng(2.5gr) pha với 5 lít nước-luôn luôn kết hợp với Improver 


AntiFungal™ - always in combination with Improver™! AntiFungal 100 grams
Supress the fungal Candida Albican
Faster recuperation between races
Regain the natural micro flora after antibiotic cure.


  • Contains active ingredient against Candida Albican
  • - biological active only with PH lower than 5
  • Stronger effect in combination with Improver™.
  • even stronger if you add Vinegar on top (fex. Apple Cider Vinegar 10 ml/ liter)
  • - supress the fungal Candida Albican.

Fungal and micro flora:

  • Candida is a natural part of the pigeon’s micro flora.
  • Healthy birds depress Candida Albican with a good lactic acid bacteria.
  • Increased growth of Candida Albican and bad bacteria is often observed
  • Stressed situations (race day) may cause increased growth of Candida Albican and bad bacteria
  • Antibiotic destroy the pigeons natural micro flora

In fact, one of the reasons fancier’s loose good pigeons, may be increased concentration of the fungal Candida Albican. 


After race:

AntiFungal™ has been developed to solve the problem of stress-related growht of fungal. Give AntiFungal™ together with Improver™ two succeeding days after race to suppress  growth  of Candida Albican.  Can be mixed with vitamins, probiotics and electrolytes. Gives rapid recuperation and healthy pigeon’s weekend after weekend!

After a Antibiotica cure

After treatment with antibiotics  the natural micro flora in the birds is destroyed,, so after the cure give Improver™ (1/2 teaspoon per 5 liter), AntiFungal™  (1/2 teaspoon per 5 liter) and Vinegar  (10 ml / liter)  in five succeeding days to rebuilt the microflora..

Vinegar (10 ml per liter water) may be mixed in the water simultaneously, as the more acidic the water is the more active will AntiFugal™ be against the Candida Albican.


I/2  teaspoon  or the included measure scoop (2.5gr) per 5 liters of water.

Expiry date*:

Unlimited if AntiFungal™ is kept in a dry place

If contact with the eyes occurs, wash with water. As the product is very concentrated

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